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Josh and I are 11 days away from moving into our new home(!!!), but that also means we are 11 days into staying with my sister and her fiance in their two bedroom apartment. I love all the extra time I get to spend with my sissy, but of course, it’s close quarters for four people. We’ve been grateful for seemingly opposite schedules and two bathrooms, however I’ve still been trying to be thoughtful with my presence in her home.


Whether it’s one night or long-term, being a guest in someone’s home requires a bit of delicacy and a lot of outward gratitude. On our first week night there, we cooked fajitas for everyone. We’ve planned a couple double-date nights, but also have been respective of their privacy and made plans out of the apartment for the weekend. We brought our own groceries (and store most of them in our room), toilet paper, and paper towels. These are all things that may seem like common sense, but the biggest difference (and saving grace the past 11 days) has been all of the extra touches we’ve taken around the house.


Cleaning up in the kitchen, replenishing the coffee jar, organizing the fridge, leaving treats, all things to spruce up the home a bit (and maybe distract the homeowners from the two extra bodies in their guest room). Kleenex helped me even more by providing their new line of Isaac Mizrahi Kleenex boxes to add some extra pops of color and style to the apartment.



I love all things Isaac Mizrahi, so of course he could manage to spruce up a Kleenex box too. Kleenex and Mizrahi partnered together to creative 4 designs intended to inspire your style. I may have even snuck one into the office too to add some fun to my desk. My sister thought these were such a fun surprise which is probably why she hasn’t gone completely insane having two new roomies the past week and a half.


Have you ever been a long-term guest? What gestures have you done to be a better guest? Hop on over to the Kleenex style finder and you can learn more about the Isaac Mizrahi collection and watch watch videos featuring Mr. Mizrahi himself where he provides his latest style advice and shares his own experience as a design leader for more than two decades. I wonder what tips he has for staying in your sisters apartment for 22 days….

This post was sponsored by Kleenex, but all opinions and obsessions for Isaac Mizrahi are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors who help me run this little blog of mine.


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  1. This might sound strange, but I have always been a fan of how cute Kleenex boxes are! They are always very decorative and it’s almost as if they make one for every occasion or room design.

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