I read an article the other day that told me faux deer heads are out and macramé is in, and I mourned for my gold antlers, but also rejoiced because macramé wall hangings are so darn pretty and I could find a place for one in every room. {side note-my antlers and faux deer head are going nowhere because I’m stubborn and they are pretty and so what if they are “out” :p }

sally-england-macramesally england-macrame sally england-macrame2 three images above via Sally England 

They aren’t cheap, but they are no joke either. The detail in every wall-hanging is phenomenal. Sally England is one artist I stumbled upon over and over during my Pinterest-macramé-binge. She is so super talented and creates these gorgeous pieces of art that are just so jaw dropping.

macramewall hanging via himo art

diy-macrame-wall-hanging-118-640x960DIY Macramé Tutorial via A Pair and a Spare DIY

DIY macrameDIY macramé wall hanging via a beautiful mess

All of the macramé DIY tutorials that are popping up are so inspiring and are extremely tempting to try-minus the fact I have zero skills in that artistic domain, and I would ultimately despise whatever I created. So for now, I’m sticking with drooling over the professional’s work :)

danielledelangevia danielle de lange 

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    1. Melanie, I love that you shared your husbands work! He is so talented, I love the extension into jewelry. It’s so gorgeous!

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