My 2014 Planner: The Inspiration

Last year, I created my own 2013 planner. It was a labor of love, and I didn’t even get it finished until March. I love that thing to death, and it is definitely the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken.

At the time, I assumed I would reuse the Martha Stewart Discbound binder year after year. Honestly, I might not have invested the money that I did into it if I didn’t plan to, but after a lot of consideration, I’m not going to use it for my planner next year. It’s big, which I love, and is great for huge projects. I will definitely reuse it in the future, but it will be for a different purpose, not a day-to-day planner. You’ll see it pop up again one day :)

As you can tell, I’m getting ready a bit earlier this year. I have so many ideas floating around my head, I thought it would be a good idea to gather them all here.

From a design standpoint, I want clean, feminine, and gold. Oh, I love gold.


///Color Me Pretty::Decor8///

I am completely wild about this image. The color scheme is too beautiful for words. I’ll likely stray away from it being overtly girly, but oh swoon, that image.


///Ashley G///

Lately, I’ve had a strange draw to scattered dot patterns. You should see my Pinterest-it’s covered. This doesn’t exactly scream “clean” does it? Beautiful chaos, I say :)


///Cabana Notebook::: Sugar Paper///

Did I say I love gold? But really….I love the simplified horizontal lines here. And of course, the contrast with white.

heavens to betsy

///Southern Saying Gold Foil::: Stephanie Creekmur///

I’m also toying with some sort of saying/phrase or even 2014 on the cover in gold foil.

As for function, I want it to be a simplified, cleaner version of last year’s.

planner pse final (1)

///Russell + Hazel::: Rinse Repeat///


///Whitney English Day Designer::: Alexandra Wrote///

Oh the Day Designer. Y’all-it’s near perfect. I really do love it, and I say “near perfect” with complete sincerity. It’s clean and organized and you can’t tell from that picture but the cover is GOLD. I’m talking gold-foil-so-perfect-you’ll-scream-gold. Sighhhh. So, what makes it’s near perfect and not perfect? The size for one. Also, the scope. It is very detailed and beyond perfect for a creative entrepreneur, but I need something in the middle road at this point in my life. Her design is beautiful though. And it makes me drool often.

I’m hoping to work on some sketches and layouts this week. Right now, my biggest hurdle is finding the right vendors. I want it to be bound exactly like the Day Designer, only smaller. I love the hard gold cover. Any tips? Without making this an extremely expensive project?

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