the dark chocolate and cheese plate::with a twist

Cheese-Chocolate-Plate.jpg.jpg Dark chocolate and cheese are such a classic pairing, you can find the two at every gathering, big or small. Typically, they are paired with rich red wines and salty table crackers to compliment the taste.

As much as I love love love a good wine, dark chocolate, and cheese pairing, I wanted a twist on the typical spread for a recent dinner party. Something memorable, yet tasty.


So what’s the perfect pair for dark chocolate? For starters, I selected 72% Twilight Delight  Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate Bars. What is it about dark chocolate that makes you think you aren’t eating candy? Whatever it is, Ghirardelli nails it with these bars.

The obvious next choice was cheese. I know Parmesan is wonderful with dark chocolate, and oh my, don’t get me started on Brie, but I wanted a standard cheese that would pair well with my next pick-Salt & Pepper roasted Pistachios. The salt paired perfectly with the cheese, and the pepper with the chocolate.

To round off the spread, I provided a “beer tasting” with a couple different IPAs. These little shot glasses made it easy to try out a few types of beers while pairing with the different bites on the table.


I’d love to know what you pair your favorite Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate with. Share on Instagram with the hashtag #IntenseDark or share it with the Ghirardelli community! You can even discover the #perfectpairing for you!

This Chocolate pairing is sponsored by Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate, but all thoughts, opinions, and tastebuds are my own.

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