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summer kicks


You wouldn’t think it from my shoe collection, but I’m infatuated with shoes. I’m just so darn indecisive and end up getting the shoe I’d wear the most vs. the shoe I want the most. Darn practical me. So meanwhile, I’m lusting over these summer shoes {including more sneakers than I’ve worn since middle school}

Steve Madden | Target | J. Crew | Steve Madden | J. Crew | J. Crew | Asos | Asos | J. Crew | Asos |

more kimonos please


Last week I posted a photo on Instagram of me in my new favorite Kimono. It doesn’t take a real detective to see that I wore the same kimono three days before. Obviously, I’m a fan. What is it that is so wonderful about kimonos? Personally, I think it’s their ability to dress up a casual outfit, to feel comfortable but pretty at the same time. Whatever it is, I need like twenty to be content. Call me the krazy kimono lady (see what I did there??)

kentucky derby


The Kentucky Derby is one of those rare spectacles we Americans get all hyped up on. The mint juleps in silver cups, the ornate hats atop every woman’s head, oh and I hear there are horses too ;)


I’ve never been to THE Kentucky Derby, but  I have attended Steeplechase a couple years ago. The energy at a horse race is indescribable, I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be to experience it all in Churchill Downs.


I may not be headed to the races this year, but I sure can dress up like I am. And drink mint juleps. And even try my hand participating in the races from home thanks to Cottonelle.

Cottonelle is joining in on the Kentucky Derby fun with “The Cottonelle Great Finish,” a giveaway that will reward up to 15,000 lucky ducks with a year supply of Cottonelle products should the No. 1 and No. 2 positioned racehorses finish the race in that order.


As all big wagers go, the odds are risky, but not actually risky, because you don’t even have to open your wallet. Just a click of a few buttons, some fingers crossed on race day, and you’ll have more Cottonelle products than you know what to do with

So go pour yourself a mint julep, put on your big derby hat, and head on over to enter in The Cottonelle Great Finish.


Dress: Lulu’s | Wedges: Target | Hat: Target last season, similar here | Earrings: Tiffany’s

This post was sponsored by Cottonelle, but all opinions are my own. I really do love mint juleps, large hats, and I especially love a good wager that ends in a year supply of Cottenelle products. Thank you for taking the time to support my sponsors. 


wedding wear

Every year, as wedding season encroaches, I stare at my closet in utter dismay and struggle to find the perfect “wedding guest” dress. Who was I kidding when I promised myself I would wear those sorority formal dresses to weddings one day? Why are all of my cocktail dresses black? This weekend marks the first wedding I’m attending this year, so I’ve been gathering my favorite around the web. While I’m at it, I might as well stock up on a couple extra right??



I love love love a beautiful maxi for a summer backyard wedding. I’ve been eyeing these two, the colors are perfection.




My favorite thing about these three dresses is that they can be dressed up or down according to the wedding style. Casual wedding? Add wedges and simple jewelry. Cocktail attire? Perfect to pair with a statement necklace and nude heels.


And of course, the for the formal weddings, Rent the Runway is my go-to source. When it’s such a big event, I typically only want to wear the dress the one night only. RTR makes that so freaking easy, and at an insanely affordable price.

Links to the above and a few more picks below:

the one piece

The me two years ago would have zero comprehension of my current love for one-piece bathing suits. Sometimes I even question myself, “are you sure you’re buying into this trend?” Yet there I was a few  weeks ago, at Target in an attempt to pick up some last minute things for my trip to London, and lo and behold, I find a one-piece bathing suit in my hands. I had this overwhelming, indescribable, completely crazy thought in my head that I had to have a one-piece and I had to have it right then. I actually bought it. Here I am, getting ready for a trip to London in freezing-cold February, and I am adding a one-piece bathing suit to my cart.

I later returned it because it wasn’t even the best looking one-piece, I was just acting like a crazy woman. But now, I’m on the hunt. I keep telling myself that it’s fashionable and I’m not slowly turning into my mom. Feel free to enable me in the comments.

Raquel One-Piece Swimsuit-Nordstrom Ugh I love this one so much. But, It’s a lot of dollar bills for some strange tan lines (dots?). But it’s a good little “faux” one-piece.

H&M One-Piece

Victoria's Secret One-PieceI’m leaning towards this Victoria Secret pick the most because it has those cut outs in the back that solidify that I’m not a mom. Right? Maybe it’s like young adult in the back, old woman in the front.  ;)

Asos-Nookie One-piece

Asos contrast panelI love this one because 1-it looks like it’s really flattering and 2-it’s on super sale at asos. But is it just flattering because this chick has a rockin’ body (ah, the age old question). Also, would it look a bit like I’m headed to a Team USA swim meet?

Nordstrom-Glamazon Can I have this in a wallpaper too?

For real, what do you all think? Do I go bright and crazy, do I pick the “faux” one-piece, or do I scrap these one-piece plans all together?

Click the images above or below for sources.

bib + tuck

Bib and Tuck
Experience. A good experience brings a whole lot of happiness. And Bib + Tuck radiates pure joy. Bib + Tuck  is a curated community where you can raid people’s closets, discover amazing products and refresh your wardrobe. Essentially, you can shop in a bunch of fashionable stranger’s closets or purge your own closet of clothes you no longer wear (or admittingly have never worn).

Besides being stocked with gorgeous designer clothes (and for a steal), the experience is so seamless. The site has a simple, fun, and clean interface, making it so easy to discover great outfits. You can filter by size, style, and brand, and you can have favorite “closets” to stalk on a regular basis.

They have some pretty strict guidelines for clothes that are loaded onto the site, so you won’t find a  Forever 21 dress circa 2004 or a pair of shoes that have been worn to the sole. I mean, I found Hunter Boots for 30 Bucks (bib + tuck currency), which sadly were Tucked before I had the chance to myself, but Hello! 30 for Hunters? A steal!


So what did I Tuck? Just this gorgeous Zara Yellow dress AND d’orsay flats all for 50 Bucks.

Use my referral code, B9Y5, or sign up here and get 10 bucks off your first purchase.

Bib+Tuck was wonderfully gracious to provide me with 50 bucks, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. You can bet I plan on Bibbing and Tucking on a regular basis.