in a week

in a week


I did a lot of searching for my awesome with Bing, Alison, Anna, and Jamie

Fell for this DIY towel ladder because let’s be honest, I fall for everything Em does

I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after staring at this shoot by Simply Charming Socials and Paige Jones. I love having such talented ladies right in my backyard. And that tub! So dreamy.

Dreamed of attending this outdoor baby shower. How can I get this backyard right now?

and on SoSo, I talked a bit about the balance of the busy, I gave a progress update of our living room, and shared my favorite ‘healthy’ milkshake recipe.

Spending the weekend in the mountains with Josh’s family, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have a weekend escape. Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend planned :)


in a week


I’ve almost driven off the road numerous times caught in awe over the blooming magnolias. It’s my favorite time of the year when these beauties bloom

This story had my heart. The most beautiful bride in the most beautiful veil on a day she wasn’t suppose to have. Warning: tears may occur.

Pinterest opened it’s advertising doors to the likes of Target and Lululemon. Not going to lie, as long as the content is relevant, I can see this being beyond successful. I can’t believe it has taken so long to come up with the model.

More on the Pinterest front with a super cool UGC campaign sponsored by CB2. With the help of real-time pinners, 5 designers completely redesigned an apartment. Very, very cool move CB2.

I added this book to my long list of summer reads

I discovered an alarm that actually might wake me up in the morning. I’ll be sure to report back for my fellow late sleepers ;)

Mrs. Hendo threw the cutest sip and see you ever did see (and sip). Sort of brought back that DIY itch I thought I got rid of.

I’ve been pretty green with envy seeing all of these NSS posts. I would die to attend such a show. One day….

and on the blog /// I chatted about being a good guest, shared my favorite Kleenex style, and begged for more kimonos in my closet.

Yes, I’m posting ‘in a week’ on a Sunday because May has been one of those months. But today we got the keys to our new house and on Thursday night we will be IN. albeit, sleeping on an air mattress in an empty house, but it will be our house, and we are so, so happy. So I hope this weekend was one of the good ones, friends, because it sure was for us.

in a week

in a week

I realized how many Instagram photos I’ve been screenshotting (not a word) and saving on my phone for later inspiration. There should be a better way to do this (is there?) Clockwise from the top left: TheConfettiandCo working on an awesome DIY marquee, AlainaKaz painting her bedroom one of the many “perfect whites” (what is the true perfect white?!?), JennaKutcher with t he best. print. ever, Eating_Whole making me drool per usual, SomewhereLately sharing drug store nude lips, Hello blue on DesignSponge, WhitneyEnglish hanging out in the perfect kitchen, my dream blue bedroom on SocietySocial (Carrie Bradshaw anyone??), and beautiful Target find by JennyKomenda.

My heart almost burst learning about Anna’s partnership with Social Print Studio. Helping others comes in many forms, and this one my friends, is a beautiful, beautiful way to pay it forward.

I swooned over Sophia Webster’s new J.Crew collection. I mean…do I have to pay my power bill this month or can I just buy new shoes?

This post by Emily spoke straight to my heart (or my stomach…). Everyone has a different interpretation of what the right way to eat is and I swear there is medical research backing any and every diet. The bottom line (for me) is eat what makes you feel good.

I finally found a DIY tablet case that 1-I can make and 2-is cheaper than actually buying one. And it’s leather. And it’s $12. 

and on SoSo /// I passed along the word that faux deer heads are out and macramé is in, I had a super serious (read:super casual) greek yogurt taste off, and I chatted with the founders of Charlotte Lane about what is so darn important about a handwritten letter.

This is the weekend I pack 90% of my belongings in a U-Haul storage container for the next three weeks. I’ll be living out of a suitcase and on an air mattress at my sister’s house, which I can’t actually complain about other than the fact that how-the-hell-do-I-pack-for-three-weeks!!! It’s funny because I would be totally methodical if I was packing for a three week vacation. That makes sense. But it’s not just clothes. Do I bring my Magic Bullet? Will my sister’s fiance be pissed that I’m making a smoothie every AM? Will there be enough space in the fridge for our normal shopping? Is the wi-fi fast enough for everyone to be on? Okay, as I type these things I realize this is a total #firstworldproblem. I’m so grateful for a place to stay until our house is ready for us to move in. And honestly, I am so freaking excited to move-into that house, I’m hoping these next three weeks fly by :)

Happy Friday friends!

in a week


I’m two weeks into the 30 day smoothie challenge, and I’m hooked. It’s such a wonderful boost waking up with a smoothie to start my day. I save my favorite for Fridays-Orange Julius: unsweetened almond milk, 1 banana, 3 oranges, chia seeds, coconut oil, and spinach (makes 2 servings). Yummiest treat!

Chris Wiegand debuted the trailer for The American Blogger. I truly can’t wait to see this film. Some of my favorite ladies are featured, and I know it’s going to be such a special snapshot of a portion of this blog world we live in.

Uber is growing, and this time, they’re looking at the fashion industry.

The H&M Conscious Collection launched Thursday, and from the looks of it is already selling out. I’d do some serious begging for someone to buy me those Embroidered Leather wedges.

One fashion writer’s plea for the return of J.Crew scoop backed swimsuits actually resulted in change-and a cheeky ad from president of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons

ABM spoke to my heart in this post about settling into a new place, high expectations, and when to accept that you will always be decorating

A less offensive alternative to Comic Sans, Comic Neue was developed. Will this help passive aggressive office notes across America?


and over on SoSo/// I shared my Ghiaradeli chocolate perfect pairing, I rounded up links for gardening for beginners , and I day dreamed about my upcoming office space in the new rental house.

The weather this weekend is going to be in the high 70’s BOTH days. I’m smitten. I’ll be attending my nephew’s birthday party (wild Saturday, I know), and Sunday, the girls and I are having one last dinner as roomies in the townhouse. It actually hit me the other night that I won’t be living with my girlfriends anymore, and I was a bit of a mess about it. I’m very grateful for all the big moves and changes over the next couple months, but there is nothing better than living with your best friends. I’m feeling very grateful for the guest bedroom in the new place. There will be plenty of sleepovers in our future :)

Big weekend plans? Any other favorite links around the interwebs?

In a week


it needed to be someone’s birthday so I could car bomb them. Or maybe this would just be a nice random surprise ;)

I started taking note of the things that make me happiest with #100DaysofHappy on Instagram. Have you done this? Are you doing it? Put your handle on the comments, I’d love to follow along!

I finally did some research on the benefits of coconut oil thanks to Sarah. Moral of the story: you should rub coconut oil all over ever inch of your body and put it in all of your food, and you will be soft, and healthy, and have great shiny teeth!

Design Love Fest released new Dress Your Tech backgrounds ready for Spring.

I drooled at pictures and words by Oh Joy with Domino because she is wonderful and perfect and can I be her?

These shoes TOLD ME they had to be on my feet this summer. So obviously, I listened.

and on SoSo//I shared my top 5 tips for living in small spaces and admitted to my new obsession: one-piece bathing suits.

This weekend has one purpose and one purpose only: to PACK. Not the essential everyday packing, but the books on my bookshelf that I don’t touch and my winter coats and honestly, I’ll probably take down all decor/frames/etc. If I don’t touch it on a daily basis, it’s going in a box. Because I’m being OCD about this, expect some fun packing lists on the blog in the coming weeks.

Also, because I love to scream it off the top of the roof, THE WEATHER IN GEORGIA IS WONDERFUL.

in a week

Jean-Daniel Lorieux

This read on The Every Girl was a total inspiration. Camilyn Beth is one of my favorite designers, I’ve really loved what she’s done over the last year. I would wear anything this lady made. Plus, she’s cute to boot.

Oh Joy’s Target collection was released! Yippee! My favorite pieces are these gold confetti party hats and noise blowers, this cake stand, oh and this scalloped bowl!

I was inspired by ABM’s post on blogging and the advantages to being in such a young industry. I really appreciate the thought-provoking posts I’ve been reading lately on the industry of blogging: where it has evolved from, where it’s headed, and how far the industry has to grow as a whole.

I totally teared up at this WalMart spot. Heart warming commercials get me every time #cheeseball

I rejoined Twitter! I had to take a huge hiatus after I realized what a time-suck it was turning into for me. I do strive to be more cognizant of the world I’m living in and be less reliant on my phone, but there is no denying how valuable Twitter can be. Connecting with others and supporting the brands and the people I love are super important to me. So long as I’m not turning dead-eyed staring at my feed for hours at my time, I think this can be a good thing :)

Over on SoSo /// I whipped up a yummy ginger beer cocktail, the Warby Parker Sun Spectrum collection was introduced, I lusted over some pretty Spring styles, and I chatted a bit about plans for my dream living room.

Tomorrow the weather is going to be beautiful in Atlanta, so I’m hopping to soak up some rays. Dreaming I was the girl in the above pic though ;) Also, on the house-hunt front, Josh and I found a place! We are beaming. The big move is in 2 months, but I can’t wait to share pictures once we’re in. It needs a bit of work, but I’m so so so happy!

What are your big weekend plans? Any one else have exciting news to share?? I’d love hear and spread the joy! :)

Stunning Image above by JD Lorieux