in a week

in a week

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My heart strings were pulled hard after learning the story of Heather Von St. James and her family. After beating a battle with mesothelioma and fighting the odds, Heather started Lung Leavin’ Day to commemorate her successful lung-removal surgery and inspire others to smash their fears.

I was green with envy hearing about everyone’s upcoming trips to Savannah for this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. It’s one off favorite weekends of the year, but sadly the stars didn’t align this go-around.

I fell even harder in love with Target. With the upcoming Oh Joy collection and my perma-style inspiration-Emily Hendo as their new Home Spokesperson, I have even more excuse to spend my whole paycheck there ;)

Shop stole my heart with their newest collection. Hello, bright colors, you’re calling my name.

I had the best time exploring my Pinterest-determined top interests. Apparently, I’m infatuated with peonies, small spaces, holiday decorating, gold kitchens, Sugar Paper, Target’s threshold line, and my personal favorite, brunches.

and lately, on SoSo/// I packed a very large carry-on bag, I headed to abroad, I woke up in Paris (!!) and shared photos from my trip here and here, I welcomed March with open arms, and I chatted a bit about my dream rental house (that’s a bit of a contradiction, huh!)

Friday couldn’t come faster this week. Ok, maybe that’s most weeks. I’m itching for great weather and long light. Tonight, I’m planning to see the Veronica Mars movie (please tell me there are some other Marshmellows out there???) and this weekend I’m celebrating one of my oldest friends as she embarks on an adventure of a move to NYC. Also, **fingers crossed** going to go see a hopefully-winner of a house that we can rent for our upcoming move. I may be jinxing it by writing it up here, but hoping for some good vibes for my Interwebs friends :)

Happy weekend!!




in a week

Happy Valentine's Day_In a Week

I endured another Atlanta snowstorm. Very grateful I’m not one of the hundreds of thousands who lost power.

I was shocked and saddened by the collapse of one of my favorite historical buildings in Atlanta. I’m so happy no one was inside, and the owners seem optimistic about rebuilding.

I  fell for Oh Happy Day’s studio kitchen makeover. I swoon for smegs. :)

NYFW flooded my instagram feed. I was one jealous pup, but loved seeing the styles of everyone on and off the runway. Mary made faux fur look casual, Rachel looked pretty in pink (as always), and Emily had the sleekest stripes.

I made plans to pull out my hot glue gun for an upcoming craft session thanks to this DIY.

and on SoSo/// I made the yummiest raspberry paninis, I made champagne valentine cocktails, and I shared my fashion inspiration for my upcoming trip to Paris and London (which is in 6 days!)

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! This is a no-judgement zone right? Ok good because Josh and I are spending our night in eating pizza and binge watching season 2 of House of Cards. I wasn’t feeling the fixe prixe menu scene this year, and while we should have totally taken better advantage of vday being on a Friday, I think a heart shaped pizza in my pjs sounds like a dream ;)

Please tell me some of you have some better Valentine’s Day plans in store. Please divulge. Have you had reservations for weeks? or are you winging it?

in a week


I couldn’t help but wish I knew how to sew after discovering these DIY heart pillows from Design Love Fest.

I found the perfect Valentine’s for a perfect cause thanks to #TheoandBeau 

I would have loved to do gift these for all of my friends. What a fun surprise!

I was inspired by the always creative Chelsea and her scratch-art Valentine

///and on SoSo, I partied Valentine’s Style (complete with Doughnut Tower), I shared Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her, I chatted about  travel journals, I created some free Valentine’s Day printable cards, and I gathered inspiration for Valentine’s Day outfits.

in a week


my city was snowed in. Two inches of snow + the middle of the day + zero preparedness = chaos.  I spent over five hours in the car and ended up walking 1.5 miles home, and I was one of the LUCKY ones. It was amazing to see our city come together and support each other though. Southern hospitality at it’s best.

I almost sprinted straight to the store to get materials for this DIY (but ya know-then there was the whole snowpacalypse…)

I ran out of excuses to not work out after discovering another 30-day workout challenge. This time-yoga.

I decided to send my Valentine’s Day cards electronically this year thanks to these Kate Spade designs for Paperless Post. Oui Oui.

and on SoSo/// I wore white on white, a told a story about a pink house, and I added a new post to my travel series-lust list: traveling abroad edition (aka I shared everything I still need and implored you for advice)

This snowstorm has completely throw me off this week. I loved working from home, but today will be a big catch-up day in the office. I want to do as little as possible this weekend. Crazy to think I only have three more weekends in Atlanta until I’ll be in Paris and London.

Any fellow Atlantans with crazy snow stories?



in a week

Flower Bombed Car_Design Love FestPhotography by Jesse Chamberlin via DesignLoveFest

I daydreamed of a car full of flowers on a warm summer day

I was undeniably inspired by Aerie’s new advertising campaign-zero photoshop, real girls, and a beautiful message. I really hope this sets the precedent for the future.

I was fired up by the The Balanced Life’s challenge to spend 5-10 minutes a day everyday in February doing pilates. Oh-and she’s providing a new video for each day. For free.

I found myself staring at this gold moon wall for far too long. An entire wall of gold? Oh the possibilities…

I prayed summer would come a little faster. Oh how this post made me long for summer days. Something about that dress on the beach that made me want to skip over Spring and jump straight into the hot days.

In case my Whitney English Day Designer hasn’t already gotten me organized enough, Thyme Is Honey reminded me the simple steps to make the most of each day.

I fell madly and deeply in love with this kitchen. I have huge dreams of living on the water. Like tomorrow.

 On SoSo///I shared my 2014 Planner (spoiler alert: I didn’t actually design it this year), I bragged about all the goodies Georgia Crafted sent to my doorstep and offered a chance to get a box of your own!, I lusted over clothes and bags I can’t afford, I introduced a new series leading up to my trip to Paris and London, and I oggled over beautiful photos of winter white.

 Today is Josh’s GOLDEN birthday, which means nothing to him other than just another birthday, but it is indeed my favorite type of birthday. I try to stray from being too sappy on this blog, but I am one lucky girl to have him in my life. I am so grateful he was born 24 years ago and that we met as silly 19 year olds. I could hardly imagine my days without him.

Tonight, we are indulging in Antico pizza because it’s a birthday and we can, and tomorrow we are heading to celebrate with his family. Sunday is my sister’s birthday, and on a super exciting note, her and her boyfriend are engaged! We are having a combo birthday/engagement brunch to celebrate. A busy but happy weekend for sure. What are your plans, I’d love to hear!

Also, don’t forget to enter to win the Georgia Crafted giveaway over here! Contest closes next week : )





in a week….or two

dreamers11 artwork by Oh My Deer via DesignLoveFest

I fell in love with Atlanta again thanks to Ginny’s 24 hour guide to this sweet city of mine.

I daydreamed of Summer. I’ll even take Spring. But, oh how I’m longing for the heat of Summer.

I found myself drawn to pink walls. and pink doors. Totally natural timing when planning a move with your boyfriend huh? Something tells me this won’t fly in the new place.

I needed this sofa chair. And a bolt of the fabric so I can cover my house wall to wall with those dots.

It’s seems a tiny bit silly to write my weekly Friday post when I haven’t written in two weeks, or maybe it feels a tiny bit right. Despite strong intentions for a productive January, the past seventeens days have taken me by storm. London is in one month and three days. Moving in three months. There are never enough hours in a day, friends! But here I am, catching up with the world.

I took the day off work today to give myself a little four day weekend, and I am so smitten with days like this. Running errands are typically the bane of my existence, but somewhat relaxing when they aren’t rushed and at odd hours. And being outside with morning light and an open day in front of me? It’s too good.

Feeling very grateful right about now.