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girl crush:: letters + light


The first time I met Lindsay, I knew she was one of the “good ones.” I’m not sure what that precisely implies, but I do know she just radiates this energy that you want to be around. You want to soak it in for a few hours, feel the warmth of her kind words, take in her talent.

Lindsay is the owner of Letters + Light, a combination photography and design studio. Her talent behind the camera is so natural, looking at her photographs, you’d think she’d been taking pictures for 100 years. I could talk all day about what an amazing photographer she is, but today I’d prefer to brag on the new shop she opened this week.


Filled to the brim with watercolor, hand drawn design, and gorgeous color palettes, I quickly fell in love with every piece. Her work speaks for itself,  below are my top picks from her shop, but Y’ALL-they are all amazing.


This piece is hands-down my favorite. It reminds me a bit of my ultimate girl crush, Chelsea of Oh My Deer. The color, the lines, I swoon for it all.






Head to her shop, and while you’re at it, check out her blog so you can see all her photography skills too. I’m tellin’ you-one of the good ones.


*all photos by Lindsay of Letters + Light