monday morning coffee talk



Over the past few weeks ( okay, months), I’ve been a bit (very) neglectful to this little space of mine. To be completely transparent, it didn’t really feel like mine any more. I felt so disconnected from the blog name, from what I was writing, from where I was going. Instead of letting it grow with me, I sort of derailed the whole thing, which is okay (I keep telling myself). I took a summer break to regroup, which is a nice way of putting, “I took some time off to figure out what I want.”

I love this place so very much, and I’ve loved watching it grow even by the littlest bit over the past year. I don’t want it to go away, but I do want to shift the direction a bit. I know I don’t have to write this post, I don’t have to explain why  I was gone, and I can make subtle changes as I go, but I did want to get this off my chest and onto paper. A bit of accountability.

You’ll see a small shift in blog content-writing what I want to write vs. writing just to write. Oh, and the biggest change of all- a much needed name change is in order. Which of course means we’re moving.


Starting today, you can find me on ShelbyLeighRu dot com. SoSo will automatically direct over there for a bit beginning on Wednesday, and my archives will be transferred over to ShelbyLeighRu. Hopefully, it’s pretty seamless. Hopefully….

Thanks for listening to my monday morning rambles, for those who come to this tiny space of the Internet, and even more thanks to those who are going to come with me to my new tiny space of the Internet.