the one piece

The me two years ago would have zero comprehension of my current love for one-piece bathing suits. Sometimes I even question myself, “are you sure you’re buying into this trend?” Yet there I was a few  weeks ago, at Target in an attempt to pick up some last minute things for my trip to London, and lo and behold, I find a one-piece bathing suit in my hands. I had this overwhelming, indescribable, completely crazy thought in my head that I had to have a one-piece and I had to have it right then. I actually bought it. Here I am, getting ready for a trip to London in freezing-cold February, and I am adding a one-piece bathing suit to my cart.

I later returned it because it wasn’t even the best looking one-piece, I was just acting like a crazy woman. But now, I’m on the hunt. I keep telling myself that it’s fashionable and I’m not slowly turning into my mom. Feel free to enable me in the comments.

Raquel One-Piece Swimsuit-Nordstrom Ugh I love this one so much. But, It’s a lot of dollar bills for some strange tan lines (dots?). But it’s a good little “faux” one-piece.

H&M One-Piece

Victoria's Secret One-PieceI’m leaning towards this Victoria Secret pick the most because it has those cut outs in the back that solidify that I’m not a mom. Right? Maybe it’s like young adult in the back, old woman in the front.  ;)

Asos-Nookie One-piece

Asos contrast panelI love this one because 1-it looks like it’s really flattering and 2-it’s on super sale at asos. But is it just flattering because this chick has a rockin’ body (ah, the age old question). Also, would it look a bit like I’m headed to a Team USA swim meet?

Nordstrom-Glamazon Can I have this in a wallpaper too?

For real, what do you all think? Do I go bright and crazy, do I pick the “faux” one-piece, or do I scrap these one-piece plans all together?

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4 thoughts on “the one piece

  1. I’m all over the one piece trend. I had a gorgeous one with a vintage vibe, but this post pregnancy body (read: boobs) no longer fits in that number. I’m on the hunt too! I also have one from VS but it has such big cut outs I feel like I’m wearing a bikini still.

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