Southern Details: Bows

Similar to most little girls, I grew up with a giant bow plastered onto my head. That is, when I wasn’t in my “tom boy” stage (If you can even call it that, considering I’ve never played a real sport a day in my life). While I may not have a different bow for every dress anymore, I can still appreciate a good bow detail. Whether it’s a bow tie, a bow on your wedding gown, or even a pretty pink bow on a cupcake, bows make the perfect Southern detail!

This napkin fashioned into a bow is actually what first inspired me to write this post. It’s such a simple way to add Southern charm to your table setting. Another reason to love Martha Stewart!

Martha Stewart Weddings

Be still my beating heart. How could you even eat such a perfect little cupcake!

Sugarlips Cakes

Charming is the best way to put these bow tie escort cards. I’m really infatuated with these because of their ability to showcase the bride and the groom’s personalities.

Ritzy Bee

I am absolutely enchanted with this Amsale wedding gown, and the bow is what sold me. It adds just the perfect amount of effortless class and fun!

Style Me Pretty

I thought I was sold on the Amsale bow gown, but this wedding dress dang knocked my socks off. There are few things more Southern than flannel, and that bow is huge!  I’m begging ya’ll to check out the rest of this inspiration shoot at Ciara Richardson’s blog for lots of Southern goodness.

Ciara Richardson


Do ya’ll have any other Southern bow sightings or have ya’ll incorporated bows into your Southern events?  Be sure to comment below, and ya’ll, keep calm and wear bows.

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