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My heart strings were pulled hard after learning the story of Heather Von St. James and her family. After beating a battle with mesothelioma and fighting the odds, Heather started Lung Leavin’ Day to commemorate her successful lung-removal surgery and inspire others to smash their fears.

I was green with envy hearing about everyone’s upcoming trips to Savannah for this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. It’s one off favorite weekends of the year, but sadly the stars didn’t align this go-around.

I fell even harder in love with Target. With the upcoming Oh Joy collection and my perma-style inspiration-Emily Hendo as their new Home Spokesperson, I have even more excuse to spend my whole paycheck there ;)

Shop stole my heart with their newest collection. Hello, bright colors, you’re calling my name.

I had the best time exploring my Pinterest-determined top interests. Apparently, I’m infatuated with peonies, small spaces, holiday decorating, gold kitchens, Sugar Paper, Target’s threshold line, and my personal favorite, brunches.

and lately, on SoSo/// I packed a very large carry-on bag, I headed to abroad, I woke up in Paris (!!) and shared photos from my trip here and here, I welcomed March with open arms, and I chatted a bit about my dream rental house (that’s a bit of a contradiction, huh!)

Friday couldn’t come faster this week. Ok, maybe that’s most weeks. I’m itching for great weather and long light. Tonight, I’m planning to see the Veronica Mars movie (please tell me there are some other Marshmellows out there???) and this weekend I’m celebrating one of my oldest friends as she embarks on an adventure of a move to NYC. Also, **fingers crossed** going to go see a hopefully-winner of a house that we can rent for our upcoming move. I may be jinxing it by writing it up here, but hoping for some good vibes for my Interwebs friends :)

Happy weekend!!




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