In a week


it needed to be someone’s birthday so I could car bomb them. Or maybe this would just be a nice random surprise ;)

I started taking note of the things that make me happiest with #100DaysofHappy on Instagram. Have you done this? Are you doing it? Put your handle on the comments, I’d love to follow along!

I finally did some research on the benefits of coconut oil thanks to Sarah. Moral of the story: you should rub coconut oil all over ever inch of your body and put it in all of your food, and you will be soft, and healthy, and have great shiny teeth!

Design Love Fest released new Dress Your Tech backgrounds ready for Spring.

I drooled at pictures and words by Oh Joy with Domino because she is wonderful and perfect and can I be her?

These shoes TOLD ME they had to be on my feet this summer. So obviously, I listened.

and on SoSo//I shared my top 5 tips for living in small spaces and admitted to my new obsession: one-piece bathing suits.

This weekend has one purpose and one purpose only: to PACK. Not the essential everyday packing, but the books on my bookshelf that I don’t touch and my winter coats and honestly, I’ll probably take down all decor/frames/etc. If I don’t touch it on a daily basis, it’s going in a box. Because I’m being OCD about this, expect some fun packing lists on the blog in the coming weeks.

Also, because I love to scream it off the top of the roof, THE WEATHER IN GEORGIA IS WONDERFUL.

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