in a week

in a week

I realized how many Instagram photos I’ve been screenshotting (not a word) and saving on my phone for later inspiration. There should be a better way to do this (is there?) Clockwise from the top left: TheConfettiandCo working on an awesome DIY marquee, AlainaKaz painting her bedroom one of the many “perfect whites” (what is the true perfect white?!?), JennaKutcher with t he best. print. ever, Eating_Whole making me drool per usual, SomewhereLately sharing drug store nude lips, Hello blue on DesignSponge, WhitneyEnglish hanging out in the perfect kitchen, my dream blue bedroom on SocietySocial (Carrie Bradshaw anyone??), and beautiful Target find by JennyKomenda.

My heart almost burst learning about Anna’s partnership with Social Print Studio. Helping others comes in many forms, and this one my friends, is a beautiful, beautiful way to pay it forward.

I swooned over Sophia Webster’s new J.Crew collection. I mean…do I have to pay my power bill this month or can I just buy new shoes?

This post by Emily spoke straight to my heart (or my stomach…). Everyone has a different interpretation of what the right way to eat is and I swear there is medical research backing any and every diet. The bottom line (for me) is eat what makes you feel good.

I finally found a DIY tablet case that 1-I can make and 2-is cheaper than actually buying one. And it’s leather. And it’s $12. 

and on SoSo /// I passed along the word that faux deer heads are out and macramé is in, I had a super serious (read:super casual) greek yogurt taste off, and I chatted with the founders of Charlotte Lane about what is so darn important about a handwritten letter.

This is the weekend I pack 90% of my belongings in a U-Haul storage container for the next three weeks. I’ll be living out of a suitcase and on an air mattress at my sister’s house, which I can’t actually complain about other than the fact that how-the-hell-do-I-pack-for-three-weeks!!! It’s funny because I would be totally methodical if I was packing for a three week vacation. That makes sense. But it’s not just clothes. Do I bring my Magic Bullet? Will my sister’s fiance be pissed that I’m making a smoothie every AM? Will there be enough space in the fridge for our normal shopping? Is the wi-fi fast enough for everyone to be on? Okay, as I type these things I realize this is a total #firstworldproblem. I’m so grateful for a place to stay until our house is ready for us to move in. And honestly, I am so freaking excited to move-into that house, I’m hoping these next three weeks fly by :)

Happy Friday friends!

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