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I’ve almost driven off the road numerous times caught in awe over the blooming magnolias. It’s my favorite time of the year when these beauties bloom

This story had my heart. The most beautiful bride in the most beautiful veil on a day she wasn’t suppose to have. Warning: tears may occur.

Pinterest opened it’s advertising doors to the likes of Target and Lululemon. Not going to lie, as long as the content is relevant, I can see this being beyond successful. I can’t believe it has taken so long to come up with the model.

More on the Pinterest front with a super cool UGC campaign sponsored by CB2. With the help of real-time pinners, 5 designers completely redesigned an apartment. Very, very cool move CB2.

I added this book to my long list of summer reads

I discovered an alarm that actually might wake me up in the morning. I’ll be sure to report back for my fellow late sleepers ;)

Mrs. Hendo threw the cutest sip and see you ever did see (and sip). Sort of brought back that DIY itch I thought I got rid of.

I’ve been pretty green with envy seeing all of these NSS posts. I would die to attend such a show. One day….

and on the blog /// I chatted about being a good guest, shared my favorite Kleenex style, and begged for more kimonos in my closet.

Yes, I’m posting ‘in a week’ on a Sunday because May has been one of those months. But today we got the keys to our new house and on Thursday night we will be IN. albeit, sleeping on an air mattress in an empty house, but it will be our house, and we are so, so happy. So I hope this weekend was one of the good ones, friends, because it sure was for us.

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