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Greek Yogurt is my go-to healthy treat. I add it to my smoothies, I mix it with granola, or I’ll just grab a cup and eat it plain. I’ve never really settled on a favorite flavor or brand, so when Yoplait reached out to me to have a taste test between Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry yogurt and Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry, I jumped at the opportunity.


Since I love Greek Yogurt in so many forms, I knew it would only be fair if I tried out each brand plain, with granola, and in my morning smoothie.


Up first, I tried the yogurt plain. One brand was noticeably sweeter, but in a natural way (not the diet coke way). Greek Yogurt can tend to be a bit bitter, so I was pleasantly surprised by this.


Next, I added my favorite Bear Naked granola to each brand yogurt. They were both pretty similar with the Bear Naked added on. I swear that granola compliments every brand and flavor :)


The ultimate test was in my morning smoothie recipe. I blended together spinach, almond milk, greek yogurt, strawberries, banana, and chia seeds. Oh my goodness, there was a clear winner here. One brand was so much smoother than the other, I slurped it up so quick!

So who was my favorite brand?

Yoplait Greek Yogurt

Not going to lie, I totally thought I was going to side with Chobani at the end of this challenge. They seem to be “the brand” in the Greek Yogurt category, but Yoplait got me hooked.

Now that that’s settled, I would love to find out your two cents! Find out how you can have your own Greek Yogurt #TasteOff

And while you’re at it, tell me who your winner is!

In full disclosure, Yoplait reached out to me to conduct this taste-off challenge, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. They encouraged me to share my favorite brand, regardless of who I chose :)

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