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You know you’re itching to decorate a place when you’re dreaming about color schemes and design elements. I actually woke up in the middle of the night last night with a mental mood board for my home office, and I had to write a note on my phone so I wouldn’t forget. I might be losing it. I still need a few good dreams before I finalize my future plans for my office, but for today, I’m day dreaming about our living space.


We are starting with a pretty blank slate for the living room, which is great in theory, but it really just means we have zero furniture. Living with roommates the past 4 years, we have both somehow managed to accumulate nothing in terms of couches, chairs, coffee tables, or even a TV. So an actual blank slate.

Apartment Therapy

style me pretty


1.Home Polish 2.Apartment Therapy  3.Style Me Pretty  4.Style by Emily Henderson 5.Decor8  6.Miluccia

Design wise-I’m drawn to a lot of white (what’s new). I want this room to be bright and happy and the perfect place to relax after a long day. Some added bright/eclectic details are also required. I would like to acquire a unique piece that can be the “statement” of the room. For inspiration, I collected a few pieces I’ve been eyeing lately.




OneKingsLane_Morocco Table




CB2 Club Sofa in Spray /// Anthropologie Nestos Rug /// One King’s Lane Dalmatian Chair /// One King’s Lane Gold Morocco End Table /// CB2 Gold Wall Hanging Ram ///  One King’s Lane Gold Moroccan Pouf /// CB2 Gold Acrylic Folding Table 

A lot of these pieces came from CB2. I’ve been on a huge kick of their stuff as of late. They have such a great combo of classic/eclectic/functional pieces, and the prices are typically spot on.

Now all of this inspiration being said, so much depends on the actual place we end up in. I’m dying for bright white walls, hardwoods, and big, huge, windows letting in maximum sunlight. That right there is the rental home trifecta: white, wood, and light.

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