in a week

Helllllooo everyone!

I am so smitten with the weather right now, it seems all I can do is daydream about being outside. Alas, this has killed my Spring Cleaning productivity, and my To Do list took a bit of a back seat while I spent the evenings running at the park, eating dinner on my porch, and watching my boyfriend, JTC’s intramural football games.

Park Can y’all believe I get to run in such a pretty park right smack dab in the middle of the city?!


However, last weekend I picked up an old dresser from my parent’s house that I am going to get to work on this weekend. It’s going to be a bit of a labor of love, as JTC said, “That thing is hideous.”

Through all my day dreaming and outdoor fun, these five posts have been keeping my inspired. Check em’ out!

The Every Girl: The Easy Way to Start Saving- The Every Girl is quickly becoming my favorite blog/site, I love how well-rounded their content is. This post really hits home as I’m currently trying to figure out the best system to pay my bills, pay off my student loans, save for the future, AND treat myself once in a blue moon. It’s so easy to get caught up in eating out with friends daily and splurging when I have opportunities to save. I love this post because it talks about Paying Yourself First-a method I TOTALLY recommend. (PS: Em for Marvelous ALSO has a really awesome series about saving money, Marvelous Money)


Saffron Avenue: Going For it- I love any post about doing your own thing and OWNING it. I’m constantly thinking about what my future looks like career-wise, and I’m always looking for inspiration. Not to mention, Angela’s website design is phenomenal. I totally recommend signing up for her Wait List if you’re in the market!


Oh Happy Day: Number Shaped Envelope Surprise-It’s no secret I love everything that Oh Happy Day comes up with. This one in particular I can’t wait to actually execute for my momma’s birthday this year. I can’t wait to share how it goes :)


A Life’s Design: Colorful Spring- Are y’all sick of me talking about how much I love Spring yet? Okay, you can boycott me, but only after you check out this pretty post.


Southern Weddings: Early Spring South Carolina Wedding - It’s funny how this little blog started out as a wedding inspiration blog, but I hardly get the chance to put any on here any more. THIS wedding however, stole my heart. Maybe it has something to do with the baby lambs.

southern-wedding-farm-wedding-ideas Photo by: Landon Jacob 

Happy weekend y’all! Be sure to enjoy some of this beautiful weather if you get a chance! I know I will :)







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