lust list:: spring is coming

Spring-Lust-List copy

Gammill Painting :: One King’s Lane /// Clean Shift Dress :: Asos /// Farm Anatomy :: Anthropologie  /// Viemette Sandal :: Nordstrom  /// Canvas Bag :: Shop Bando  /// Turquoise and Caicos :: Essie /// Kimono in Floral :: Asos /// Zinke Weekender One Piece :: Shopbop /// Sun Spectrum Collection :: Warby Parker

Mentally, I’m ready for Spring. My closet? Not so much. I’m craving clean lines, like in that Asos Shift Dress. But I also want some fun patterns like the kimono. And don’t get me started on one-pieces. I can’t finger point when I evolved from a bikini-only girl, but I have been on a mission this season to find the perfect one piece. I love the color and fun flare of this Shopbop pick. To top it all off-a pop of pink from the new Shop Bando collection and of course, a new pair of Warby Parker sunnies. For my home, I’m in the market for a good abstract painting for our new bedroom. OKL has the best picks-I swear!

What’s on your Spring lust list?

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