More Love Letters

12. write a handwritten letter to someone once a month 

#12 is one of the favorites on my 101 in 1001 list. I am a sucker for a good handwritten note. Amid the every day chaos, there are few things that can really make someone feel important than a handwritten letter. I love the opportunity to let someone know how important they are to me, or how grateful I am for them. Even if only a few sentences, a few words, a small line, I’m a firm believer that this simple act can change someone’s day, week, life.

Almost a year ago, I discovered More Love Letters, and boy, oh, boy does this little company make my heart so happy.


MLL started in 2010 when Hannah Brencher began leaving “love letters” for strangers. It expanded to her blog when she promised any one who sent her their address, a love letter of their own. Since then, it has expanded to so so much more.

Every few weeks, I receive an email from the MLL team with a list of strangers. These strangers have been submitted by their friends and family because they could use a love letter. A handwritten letter than could make them feel more important, special, loved.

It is so simple. It is such an easy act to tell a stranger that they are LOVED.

The World Needs More Love Letters from Justin Marantz on Vimeo.

This video will pull at your heart strings. And if you’re really feeling grateful this year, you’ll head over to MLL to get your own subscription letter. You might even leave a few surprise notes in a coffee shop or a library book or thrift store.

Every Thanksgiving and Holiday season, I am reminded how lucky and grateful I am, and I am so blessed for lovely opportunities like MLL to pay it forward.

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