My 2014 Planner

My 2014 Planner_Whitney English Day Designer

Remember that post last year when I detailed my plans for designing my 2014 planner? I had lofty dreams of the perfect planner. Then, Brand Market Workshop happened. And I learned a little lesson in delegation. It honestly didn’t make sense for me to spend the time and money on such a lofty project. Especially when there are such amazing options out there. After checking out quite a few options and reviews, I settled in on the Whitney English Day Designer.

My 2014 Planner_Whitney English Day Designer Pages The Day Designer starts out with some worksheets that help you plan and organize your brand for the year. As you can see, I have only scratched the surface here. It’s a huge goal for me to finish these before January’s end, but I didn’t want to rush it either. There are some deep questions that really make you think about who you are, who your brand is, and how the two reflect upon each other.

It then pulls into the “typical” planner pages: year at glance, month at glance, and each day. I say typical, but it really isn’t. Every line, every box, every space is very intentional. I typically write in appointments, events, etc, as they come in, and each morning I fill in my to-do list. I also make sure each day is all encompassing. I use to have a planner for work and one for the blog and a calendar for personal things. Phew-what a mess. I include appointments for my day job, Something Southern, and any personal events so I can properly allocate my time. This has been the biggest game changer since I got the Day Designer, mostly because it allows for it to be all encompassing. The schedule, the to-do list, it all gives me the space to fill in as I please.

I strongly recommend the Day Designer. That Whitney English is one talented lady, and this planner is the creative entrepreneurs dream.

Feel free to ask any questions, I know I had plenty when I was searching for mine! Do any of you use the Whitney English Day Designer?


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