in a week

2619e0ae06e85f6f404a3aa413f4e30e //source unknown*//

I read this inspiring story and considered booking a day trip to SF

I may or may not have ordered new fuzzy Christmas stockings

I was blown away by this article. Puts things into perspective, and makes me extremely grateful.

I loved seeing the behind the scenes of the SW gal’s offices

I discovered Mrs. Sarah Tucker’s @jcpenneydoesitagain instagram (which will make you trek out to the burbs in search for these adorable steals)

and on the blog// I went apple picking, then made pie. I shared pictures of the best engagement party that I’ll ever attend (with the best view of Atlanta you’ve ever see). I girl crushed on the one and only Molly Jacques. and I swooned over clothes that aren’t in my closet. 

The weekend ahead is looking to be a relaxing one. This has been the most beautiful Fall, I am planning on soaking up every minute. What are your weekend plans?


*can anyone help with the original source of this beaut?

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