A Trip Down Memory Lane Part Two

Going through my old favorites on Google Reader before making the switch to Bloglovin was so nostalgic. I narrowed down the best of the best photos from the past few years here, but today I want to share my favorite blog posts! Honestly, pouring through these was a bit arduous. I would “star” a post for the smallest detail that I loved & wanted to remember. About 80% of my favorites were either from Style Me Pretty or Southern Weddings. And there were  A LOT. I won’t go as lengthy as I did in my last post, but here are the ones that still inspire me to this day.

This is the Dream I’m Working On by Fairy Tales are True


The ever optimist, Sarah Tucker, really sums it up in this post. A way of looking (and dreaming) to the future by visualizing where you want to be is creating an inspiration board-This is the Dream I’m Working On. I love that last part-I’m Working On because we all are working every day to get what we ultimately want. I started mine a few weeks ago, and y’all, I have a measly two pins. I’m being picky to say the least, which I feel is very acceptable in this case. I’ll be sure to update y’all when I have a better dream formed :)

Simply Seleta’s collection of Wednesday White

Simply Seleta_White

Seleta, how you fuel my white fire. If I had things my way, my entire house would be stark white. Luckily, I get a weekly dose of white inspiration from this lady who never fails to find the most perfectly style farmhouses.

Southern Wedding’s Introduction of the Sweet Tea Society

SW_Sweet Tea

As I mentioned, a big chunk of my feed was dedicated to Southern Weddings. Few of their posts don’t inspire me, so instead of linking up my favorite weddings (which there are almost too many to count), I wanted to share their Sweet Tea Society. THIS right here is what separates these ladies from everyone else. I love the sweet reminders of what the South is, not just a collection of cotton, peaches, and seersucker (which for the record, are all great things).

Our Wedding by Em for Marvelous


Speaking of Southern Weddings, Emily’s always cookin’ up something good on Em for Marvelous, whether it’s practical advice, tales of house hunting, or tips for making everything an adventure. She constantly inspires me (she is after all where I got my 101 in 1001 list idea from!), but I have to say, my favorite series of hers was her wedding planning & recaps. I have to link to the whole thing because I couldn’t make myself pick one. I will say, my top post are her recaps (obviously), her invitation suite details, and some background on how her & her husband crafted their ceremony. It’s worth a gander, I promise :)

 Patrick & Kendall by Inkspot Crow

Pat & Kendall

Oh Inkspot Crow. How you’ve stolen my heart. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Phillip & Mackenzie are phenomenal. They better never stop making these films or else what will I do in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep?? Really though, they are the best I have ever seen, and of all of their couples (don’t worry, I’ve seen em’ all), my favorite films are of Patrick & Kendall. Films you ask?? Yes, there are three events IC filmed, all three of which I’ve watched too many times to count. Start with this one. Try to stop. I dare you.

High Museum of Art Wedding by Melissa Schollaert on Style Me Pretty

SMP Melissa

This post has a special place in my heart because it featured the first wedding that I ever worked at. I had no idea this was even going to be on SMP until I was reading my Reader feed one day and made the connection! While I no longer work as a wedding coordinator on the weekends, I love thinking back to those days. This wedding was truly amazing, I was so lucky to see it in person too!

Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design + Fifi Lugo

Next to SMP & SW, House of Turquoise was the next most popular blog on my feed. This featured home in particular is breathtaking. There are so many elements of this design that I love, particularly the light. My dream home? More windows than you can imagine.

SMP at Home: Summer Backyard Party

SMP Summer

Before SMP had created their sister site, SMP: Living, SMP at Home would be my go-to weekend post. I had to include this one because it included so many things I love: summer, pizza, farm animals, peaches, and mason jars. Pure perfection.

I also have to shout out to Kelly Oxford, whose hilarious posts are sprinkled through all of my pretty ones. If you don’t follow her on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr, you must at least read her book, which left me in tears-Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar.

I really can’t wait to pour back through these posts in another two years, five years, and even ten years. Something tells me, no matter what though, I will always love big, white farmhouses :)

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