Moving has taken over my existence. I blabbed a bit about it over on Instagram, but moving is no joke. I thought I was SOO prepared. I made TONS of lists. I packed up my decorations WEEKS ago. But there I was, on a deflated air mattress at 3 AM, in a room still filled with things I don’t remember having and an old yellow couch that use to reside in my dads dorm room in the 70’s. This week has been a mess. And it’s only Wednesday.


Today, I am slightly more sane because we got a new air mattress that is a luxury air mattress, which probably isn’t a thing, but boy this air mattress feels like sleeping in the Four Seasons after two days on carpet. Besides my new sleeping situation, the main things that are getting me through this move are the little reminders of the home Josh and I are going to build together starting in three short (please be short) weeks. The couch I’ve been eyeing that we plan to buy memorial day weekend, paint chips in hues of blue and white, new vases I can’t wait to fill with fresh flowers, and art I’ve been swooning over for our blank walls.

One such artist in particular is Jenna Kutcher. My brain is move-frazzled, so today’s post is a quickie, a picture book if you will, filled with the prettiest prints by Ms. Kutcher. Enjoy. Share. Be inspired. All that jazz. Jenna is so talented, I love every single on of her pieces. She has a wonderful combination of witty, pretty, and poignant. I’m smitten. :)

Jenna-Kutcher-prints-1 Jenna-Kutcher-prints-11 Jenna-Kutcher-prints-10 Jenna-Kutcher-prints-9 Jenna-Kutcher-prints-8 Jenna-Kutcher-prints-7 Jenna-Kutcher-prints-5 Jenna-Kutcher-prints-4 Jenna-Kutcher-prints-3 Jenna-Kutcher-prints-2








4 thoughts on “quickie

  1. Love the prints! I’m totally in a similar state of mind and move… living in boxes is tiring, we hope to be in not this weekend but next FINALLY! Good luck on your move!

    1. Oh my gosh I feel you. The light is at the end of the tunnel for you! I don’t even know how we will unpack everything once we officially move into the new place. One day at a time :)

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