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Happy Valentine's Day_In a Week

I endured another Atlanta snowstorm. Very grateful I’m not one of the hundreds of thousands who lost power.

I was shocked and saddened by the collapse of one of my favorite historical buildings in Atlanta. I’m so happy no one was inside, and the owners seem optimistic about rebuilding.

I  fell for Oh Happy Day’s studio kitchen makeover. I swoon for smegs. :)

NYFW flooded my instagram feed. I was one jealous pup, but loved seeing the styles of everyone on and off the runway. Mary made faux fur look casual, Rachel looked pretty in pink (as always), and Emily had the sleekest stripes.

I made plans to pull out my hot glue gun for an upcoming craft session thanks to this DIY.

and on SoSo/// I made the yummiest raspberry paninis, I made champagne valentine cocktails, and I shared my fashion inspiration for my upcoming trip to Paris and London (which is in 6 days!)

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! This is a no-judgement zone right? Ok good because Josh and I are spending our night in eating pizza and binge watching season 2 of House of Cards. I wasn’t feeling the fixe prixe menu scene this year, and while we should have totally taken better advantage of vday being on a Friday, I think a heart shaped pizza in my pjs sounds like a dream ;)

Please tell me some of you have some better Valentine’s Day plans in store. Please divulge. Have you had reservations for weeks? or are you winging it?

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