Thankful Grateful Blessed_2013 I am so thankful, grateful, and blessed for an amazing, encouraging, and hilarious family, for supportive friends beautiful inside and out, for the most wonderful boyfriend and best friend better than any girl could ever dream up, for the simple things I forget to be grateful for like a roof over my head and too much food to eat, for coffee and tea, for all of the puppies in the world, for laughter and cuddles and good music, for this little blog that grows a little more each and every day, for the good days that make me smile so hard my cheeks hurt, for the hard times that make you stronger, for memories old and new, for traditions, and for infinitely more things that remind me how lucky I am in this little life of mine.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families, may this day be filled with laughter and love and so much pumpkin pie you might burst from the seams.

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