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Jean-Daniel Lorieux

This read on The Every Girl was a total inspiration. Camilyn Beth is one of my favorite designers, I’ve really loved what she’s done over the last year. I would wear anything this lady made. Plus, she’s cute to boot.

Oh Joy’s Target collection was released! Yippee! My favorite pieces are these gold confetti party hats and noise blowers, this cake stand, oh and this scalloped bowl!

I was inspired by ABM’s post on blogging and the advantages to being in such a young industry. I really appreciate the thought-provoking posts I’ve been reading lately on the industry of blogging: where it has evolved from, where it’s headed, and how far the industry has to grow as a whole.

I totally teared up at this WalMart spot. Heart warming commercials get me every time #cheeseball

I rejoined Twitter! I had to take a huge hiatus after I realized what a time-suck it was turning into for me. I do strive to be more cognizant of the world I’m living in and be less reliant on my phone, but there is no denying how valuable Twitter can be. Connecting with others and supporting the brands and the people I love are super important to me. So long as I’m not turning dead-eyed staring at my feed for hours at my time, I think this can be a good thing :)

Over on SoSo /// I whipped up a yummy ginger beer cocktail, the Warby Parker Sun Spectrum collection was introduced, I lusted over some pretty Spring styles, and I chatted a bit about plans for my dream living room.

Tomorrow the weather is going to be beautiful in Atlanta, so I’m hopping to soak up some rays. Dreaming I was the girl in the above pic though ;) Also, on the house-hunt front, Josh and I found a place! We are beaming. The big move is in 2 months, but I can’t wait to share pictures once we’re in. It needs a bit of work, but I’m so so so happy!

What are your big weekend plans? Any one else have exciting news to share?? I’d love hear and spread the joy! :)

Stunning Image above by JD Lorieux

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  1. I was just at target and eying the water jug and noisemakers! As for your sunshine- I’m incredibly jealous. It was snowing here this afternoon.

    Can’t wait to see your place!

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